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Code Notes, an open source code snippet manager to increase our productivity! πŸš€

Code Notes, an open source code snippet manager to increase our productivity! πŸš€

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Β·Feb 9, 2019Β·

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Who has never been copying paste a piece of code in a simple notebook? Built with Electron & Vue.js, Code Notes is the open source & free solution to easily organize and find your snippets & Github gists!

Today, through this article, I would like to show its features and since it's my first open source project with already 800+ stars on GitHub and it's now 1 year old, I think it's the right time! πŸ˜€

What is Code Notes? πŸ’»

Code Notes is a software with a lot of features allowing us to increase our productivity everyday. Firstly, let me introduce them with a video!

Create & update your snippets easily 😎

As you can see, it's pretty easy to save snippets and retrieve them later! You just have to select a name, a description, some tags to retrieve them easily, add your note by selecting its language and click create! πŸ‘Œ

Create and update a snippet on Code Notes

Synchronize & manage your GitHub Gists πŸŽ‰

After a lot of requests from the community, since the last version of Code Notes, you have the possibility to synchronize your GitHub gists (secret or public) directly from Code Notes. By simply giving the access token, you are ready to find your Gists on the application, modify them or create new ones!

Synchronize & manage your GitHub Gists on Code Notes

Create & update several snippets in 1 note πŸ“

In february 2018, when Code Notes was launched, many developers asked me if it was possible to group several snippets in one note. This idea was great and I implemented it directly!

Add several snippets in 1 note in Code Notes

Big comfort & linting 😍

If there is anything nice in Code Notes, it's this way of writing these notes as if we were in an IDE. Thanks to brace, you benefit from linting and an irreproachable writing comfort!

Big comfort & linting available in Code Notes

Retrieve them quickly 🏎

You can find your notes easily by searching on their names, description, tags or languages!

Retrieve snippets quickly on Code Notes

Copy to clipboard πŸ“Ž

Of course, in order to prevent you from selecting all your snippet, a small button "copy to clipboard" is there for you next to your snippet's name πŸ‘‹

Copy to clipboard next to the snippet's name in Code Notes

A worldwide project 🌎

Code Notes in a few numbers? It's more than 6,500 unique users in one year, coming from the 4 corners of the planet! (1,300 from France, 1,100 from United States & 300 from China). Thank you so much!

Map of the users of Code Notes in the world

Download it, it's multi-platform & completely free 🎁

To download it, just go to our download section and follow the instructions for your platform!

What's next?! πŸš€

Code Notes has not finished growing, many feature requests are available in our GitHub issues. Here is a list of some great future features:

You can imagine with all these great ideas, everything will not be able to arrive very quickly. So feel free to contribute to improve this beautiful software. I would love to help you! 🍻

Thanks for reading ❀️

I want to thank you if you read this article to the end, it is a project that is close to my heart because it is my first open source. Feel free to add a ⭐️, we are already 350+ and I am very happy πŸ˜€

Use it, talk to your friends, your family or even your dog and increase your productivity! πŸš€

See you soon πŸ‘‹

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